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Created by Nerissa Muijs
Created on Feb 1, 2024

Automatically resize content when exporting to pdf

Who would benefit?

anyone sharing pdfs

What impact would it make?

lift the barrier for duplicating effort by exporting content to excel then pasting in word docs

How should it work?

Auto shrink any content to fit to page.

When I export an Aha! document to a pdf, if there are Aha! views embedded (e.g. pivot table) that are wider than the dimensions of an A4 page, the tables are not resize, instead they are just cut off.

This happens if I optimise for viewing or printing. I even experimented with optimising for A3, but instead of fitting the content, it just zooms and the same content is cut off.

Native tables resize with no problem, and I even experimented by making the pivots smaller than A4 width (btw nobody outside the USA uses letter as a page measurement, please make A4 the default), but the pivots never resize. Instead more content is cut off.

This is really a bug, because it cannot be the case that it was a deliberate choice to make the feature unusable.

I've raised this issue with support in the past, almost two years ago, but still no improvement.

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  • Rob F
    May 6, 2024

    We are all on the journey to digital however this remains a very basic feature for all organisationss that detracts from the on-line experience - execs still like their paper

  • Admin
    Sarah Moisan-Thomas
    Feb 7, 2024

    Thanks for letting us know @Guest, we thought this would also be resolved with the support fix for sharing a webpage. I'll reopen this idea and our team will investigate the PDF cropping issue further.

  • Nerissa Muijs
    Feb 7, 2024

    Hi, this isn't fixed. I exported content to a new pdf just now and the pivot tables are all still cropped - no change.