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Status Future consideration
Categories Capacity planning
Created by Dale Potter
Created on Jan 31, 2024

Capacity report: aggregate assigned work percentage for people in multiple teams

Who would benefit?

Organizations with team members in multiple teams

What impact would it make?

Better insight into total assigned work across teams to avoid over-allocation

** This applies specifically to the "Teams" tab of the capacity report.


  • Joe Bloggs has scarce skills and splits his time between two teams (A and B)

  • Team leaders for A and B assign work to Joe separately, and aim to split his time 50/50

  • When properly allocated, Joe's assigned capacity is 50% in both teams on the capacity report, which totals up to 100% - great!

  • But if Team A only have enough work to occupy 40% of Joe's time, the team leader for Team B is unaware that they could assign work for 60% of Joe's time.

How should it work?

On the "Teams" tab, it would be valuable to be able to toggle between:

  • Percentage capacity assigned to current team, and

  • Percentage capacity assigned across all teams

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