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Status Future consideration
Categories Capacity planning
Created by Reilly O'Connor
Created on Jan 29, 2024

Display named range value on Overview tab "Initial estimate" field

Who would benefit?

Teams using capacity planning for teams, planning with named ranges (e.g. t-shirt sizes)

What impact would it make?

Currently, the "Initial estimate" field includes the resulting time-based estimate, but not the range I've selected. For example, I have a scenario where named range "L" corresponds to a certain number of hours. I've set my risk tolerance to moderate so the hourly estimate the system gives me is right in the middle of the range. This is great to be able to see in the field (e.g. "15 hours") but I'd also like to display the named range value ("L"). This would help me understand the approximate size at a glance without drilling into the details of the estimate.

How should it work?

The named range value should be displayed in the "Initial estimate" field alongside the specific hourly estimate. It could also be a separate field, but one would reduce clutter on layouts.

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