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Status Future consideration
Categories Reports
Created by Greg Lyons
Created on Jan 25, 2024

Progress Chart Dashboard Panel - show hovers and legend; respect Dashboard filters

Who would benefit?

Viewers of Progress chart on Dashboard

What impact would it make?

Better understanding of Dashboard panel data

How should it work?

When viewing the progress panel as the report itself, one can hover over the various events to see "Scope Increased" (Red), "Work Done" (Green), and "Scope Reduced" (Purple). The hover dialogue also displays details of the event.

We use the dashboard for showing to the larger team and it would be good to know what specific events were in general, using a legend, and more granular, using the hover, as the panel bhaves when viewing it directly by itself.

Example attached showing hovers and a mocked up legend

Lastly, it would be nice if this panel respected Dashboard filters so the user doesn't have to set it on the panel when releases change.

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