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Status Future consideration
Categories Strategy
Created by Bonnie Trei
Created on Jan 22, 2024

Copy workspace line competitor into workspace

Who would benefit?

Workspace owners who need to start from a completed competitor record, and make only slight adjustments to it in their workspace.

Templates are limited in that they only replicate the custom fields as options to "unhide" without retaining any of the layout from the template. I still have to set those field locations once I unhide them.

What impact would it make?

Currently if I am an owner of a workspace, but only a reviewer of the parent line, I cannot copy a competitor record into my space. This is odd because when selecting to copy the competitor, I am prompted to select the workspace into which I want to copy it.

Why would this selector not give me, as a reviewer, the ability to copy this into my own workspace as a starting point. Even a viewer in my workspace is a viewer in the line, so there is no risk to copying information someone shouldn't be able to view.

How should it work?

If I have reviewer/viewer access to the competitor at the line level, I should be able to select to copy the competitor into the child workspace I am an owner of.

I should see the 'copy' option in the more options menu and have only workspaces I have owner access to as the location to copy into.

OR, make the competitor template a true copy of the layout that it is based on, such that when I select that template, all layout decisions are already made and even sample copy can live in the different fields.

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