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Status Future consideration
Categories Strategy
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 17, 2024

Aha Strategy - Competitors Subcategories request

Who would benefit?

aha users conducting competition analysis

What impact would it make?

Companies operating in multiple markets could be benefited by segmenting their competitors per market. Then, Charts feature in Competitors would be clearer to use.

How should it work?

In regards to competitors, we came across a Chart that Aha is offering for comparing values. More specifically, after scoring every competitor (from the Threat scorecard option), we drag it on the Chart, so we have a clear view of where it stands compared to the rest competitors.

The difficulty here is that we operate in 13 countries, each of one contains at least 6 competitor pages, so we would preferably like to have one board for each country.

With the already offered feature, we have solely one chart in which we have to compare all countries and all competitors, thus elements are depicted in a confused manner.

Moving forward we would kindly request to review the option of separating competitors in subcategories (on our case, country based), so every subcategory might correspond to a unique country-chart.

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