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Status Future consideration
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Created on Jan 12, 2024

Custom Sort on Charts

Who would benefit?

Everyone who uses reports in Chart View.

What impact would it make?

It would allow me to communicate with my team and stakeholders better because the information I am sharing would be in a logical order visually.

How should it work?

Right now, charts are automatically sorted (in different ways depending on their type). I would like to be able to choose the sort order myself.

For example, a pie chart is sorted from Most to Least automatically. So the pie chart I have that represents the status of the features in a sprint does NOT go in status order. (See attachment.)

Also, bar charts are sorted alphabetically. That works well sometimes, but other times I want to sort it by Most to Least.

It would be great to have the flexibility to define the sort order in charts in a similar way that we get to in their underlying list reports.

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