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Status Future consideration
Categories API
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 10, 2024

Ability to search comments through API

Who would benefit?

Comments to an idea can be added by almost anyone, even if they are not the original owner of the idea, and even without admin permissions. So, if we enabled API search for comments, a non-admin user could add a searchable hashtag to the comment section and it could show up in an API search.

What impact would it make?

Currently it takes a python program 4 hours to search through 26,000 ideas using the /comments API to try and find a hashtag added in the comment section. Using the UI, that same search is instantaneous. If we expose the functionality available in the UI to the API, then the programmatic search could also be instantaneous.

How should it work?

Just like the existing API search functionality (, which currently only supports name, description or id, but not associated comments.

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