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Status Future consideration
Categories Releases
Created by Bonnie Trei
Created on Dec 19, 2023

Allow Release Date (internal) and Release End date (date range) to sync

Who would benefit?

The Release date (internal) drives many of the OOTB reporting functionality in Aha! so it must be maintained and accurate for reporting to be accurate. For many teams, the end date of the release and the Release date (internal) are always the same, but there is no way to automate keeping them in sync.

Automations do not allow triggers and actions on release dates.

What impact would it make?

This would ensure the integrity of reporting and eliminate human error when the release end date changes and gets out of sync with the Release Date internal.

How should it work?

Either allow automations to trigger and act on release dates, or allow a setting for these to always be in sync.

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  • Rob Taroncher
    Jun 25, 2024

    The option for you to be able to keep these dates in sync would be an important value add for our organization. This is causing things to break since we use the date range values in a given release (since we have the date range being calculated automatically from the features and phases under a release). If the end date of that range is before the set internal release date, that results in our date range being wrong becuase it shows the internal release date value instead of the end date being calcualted from the features and phases that make up the release.

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