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Status Future consideration
Categories Ideas portal Roadmaps
Created by Michelle Kish
Created on Dec 5, 2023

Increase width of frame for roadmaps

Who would benefit?

Users of the portal

What impact would it make?

Allow more visibility to more items for those with larger screens.

How should it work?

Allow the frame that holds the roadmap to grow larger than it's current width. There is no reason to have such large margins for people who have large screens.

Additionally, since the horizontal scroll is embedded within the frame, if there is a long list of items in a release, the user has to scroll down in order to find the horizontal scroll and then scroll right, then scroll up to see the next release. Screenshot attached to display this issue.

    Dec 11, 2023

    We will consider making this width adjustable per page in the future. Until then, you can use custom CSS to customize the max width of all custom pages in your portal.

    Go to Portal settings > Branding > Custom > CSS and add this line of code, using the max width that works best for your scenario.

    .idea-portal-section__container {max-width: 1400px;}

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