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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by David I.
Created on Dec 1, 2023

Allow Owners to configure workspace-specific broadcasts

Who would benefit?

Workspace owners & new/existing users accessing a specific workspace

What impact would it make?

It would allow workspace owners to put important messages/context they want other users to see front-and-center without having to talk/message outside of Aha.

How should it work?

A workspace owner would configure this in the workspace settings.

It should behave exactly like the account broadcasts - but only be visible to users in the workspace it's been configured for.


  • Sticky broadcasts could be leveraged for indicating that a workspace is no longer in use, and is only still accessible for reference

  • Dismissible broadcasts would be used to:

    • Point users to a particular note for context about the workspace

    • Inform users of changes made to the ownership of the workspace

  • Attach files