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Status Future consideration
Categories Releases
Created by Sam Banks
Created on Nov 7, 2023

Displaying requirements within the Retrospective report

Who would benefit?

Our dev management team

What impact would it make?

Would provide much better insights into why a release went off track.

Currently the "Records Added" section lists Epics & Features added after dev started.

In our case, it's rare that we'd add either of these during dev, however there's always many additional requirements added, either

  • As unforeseen complexity/requirements are discovered during development of a given feature.

  • As bugs, which we track in Aha as requirements.

Releases going off track is something that we're really struggling to gain better insight into currently, and having something like this would be immensely valuable.

How should it work?

A new filter at the top of the report, which allows users to (ideally multi-)select the types of records they want to display in the report, i.e.


  • Epics

  • Features

  • Requirements

  • Attach files