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Status Future consideration
Categories Notes
Created by Terence Osmeña
Created on Nov 7, 2023

Move saved views of reports, presentations, or dashboards into a Folder within Notebooks

Who would benefit?

PMs, Stakeholders

What impact would it make?

  • Reduce the need to have a separate folder library of reports

  • Notebooks can become a central product hub of information including referenced reports, presentations, or dashboards that relate to my product or workspace

  • The new folder structure within Notebooks can simplify navigation and make finding information easy, and seamless

  • As a PM it reduces the need to have information in multiple places

How should it work?

  • Saved views of reports, presentations, and dashboards can be shown within a folder as a record similar to a Note and a Whiteboard

  • I can move a saved view from my Roadmaps > Overview folders to my Notebooks folders

  • I can add a copy of a saved Aha! view to a folder from within Notebooks

  • Attach files