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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Features
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 6, 2023

Decouple requirements from Features

Who would benefit?

Users of AHA

What impact would it make?

Allow for my dynamics way of using AHA

How should it work?

One should be able to create a requirement (or whatever you want to name it) without being forced to link it to a feature.

At Roche we use epics and features for our development teams but as a product team (UX, PO, SM etc) we also have work items. If the requirements were decouples from features we could have our own flow of work packages (and make the use of trello obsolete for example)

    Nov 13, 2023

    Thanks for sharing this idea! It is possible to convert a feature to a requirement.

    You could create a parking lot release to capture requirements as features and fold them into features as needed. At this time, we're unlikely to implement this, as it would be a fairly drastic change to our data model.

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