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Status Future consideration
Categories Roadmaps
Created by Gary Goz
Created on Oct 9, 2023

Format Numerical Pivot Data and add Totals

Who would benefit?

Anyone using a Pivot Table

What impact would it make?

Make Pivot Tables more useful

How should it work?

Today, pivot tables use the natural numerical formatting for numerical data when using "List Records" within cells, but there is not a selection for Summary Row/Column. Please add a Summary Row/Column to add the values in the cells when choosing "List Records".

If you make another choice such as "Sum Values" within the cell, then the numerical formatting is gone. Please use the inherent formatting of the data in the "Sum Values" view as in the "List Records" view.

Lastly, can we limit the number of decimal points for currency values? My business deals with a lot of zeros and the ".00" is unnecessary. Please offer an option to adjust the number of decimal points displayed in any numerical field.

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