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Created on Oct 6, 2023

Document Template for Environmental Analysis

Who would benefit?

Product Managers

What impact would it make?

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How should it work?

  • Demographic trends: What is the current or changing population distribution of the consumer base within your industry?

  • Sociocultural influences: What are the values, beliefs, attitudes or preferences that influence consumer choices?

  • Technological developments: Which new or emerging technologies are poised to shape consumers’ choices or competitive dynamics in the immediate or longer term?

  • Macroeconomic impacts: How are large-scale economic trends (such as inflation or exchange rates) likely to impact your industry over the next six to 12 months?

  • Political-legal pressures: Are you cognizant of all relevant laws, regulations and policies — and how they might change over the coming months or years?

  • Global trade issues: What impact do globalization and international governance bodies have on your industry? Are there geopolitical risks on the horizon that you need to keep on your radar?


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