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Status Future consideration
Categories Features
Created by Warren Evans
Created on Sep 28, 2023

Bug - dragging image as file to embed in Description field fails with console error

Who would benefit?

What impact would it make?

Fix a bug

How should it work?

NOte: This works on the IDeas portal.

Dragging an image that is attached to a Feature Card into the Description fails with the following console error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading '2')
at Object.onEmbeddedReportURL (4719-v2-5a24f7f8590a0833c4e221d60a6628ea.js:2:316655)
at 4719-v2-5a24f7f8590a0833c4e221d60a6628ea.js:2:316318
at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
at insertEmbeddedReportsFromDroppedHTML (4719-v2-5a24f7f8590a0833c4e221d60a6628ea.js:2:316295)
at next (vendor-v2-9c6cce0778f55b585ce06662460768aa.js:2:7248238)
at onDrop (vendor-v2-9c6cce0778f55b585ce06662460768aa.js:2:7011623)
at next (vendor-v2-9c6cce0778f55b585ce06662460768aa.js:2:7248238)
at (vendor-v2-9c6cce0778f55b585ce06662460768aa.js:2:7249444)
at Editor$$ (vendor-v2-9c6cce0778f55b585ce06662460768aa.js:2:7025141)
at Object.onEvent (vendor-v2-9c6cce0778f55b585ce06662460768aa.js:2:7023489)
at Content.onEvent (vendor-v2-9c6cce0778f55b585ce06662460768aa.js:2:6965059)

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