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Status Future consideration
Categories Jira
Created by Gene Lewin
Created on Sep 26, 2023

Add option to show additional columns/fields in "Integration updates" window for Jira

The "Integration updates" window currently only shows the issue summary of incoming issues. Presumably the JSON payload being received by Aha contains the full set of information for the incoming issue ... it would be incredibly valuable to be able to optionally show additional columns with additional Jira fields displayed for each incoming issue (labels, select custom fields, etc.). While I realize that you are doing minimal parsing of the payload, you are at least doing enough inspection of the payload to be able to surface the issue summary, so adding a few more options shouldn't be a huge lift, and would immensely help the process of deciding whether or not to bring in an issue, and/or deciding on the destination workspace in the case where multiple Aha workspaces are linked to the same Jira project. Thank you!

(note, this is similar to which expresses a similar desire for Rally integrations ... perhaps this is a single enhancement for both ideas)

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