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Created by Jeanette Resnikoff
Created on Sep 22, 2023

Add record link to folder-note when created from research tab

The research tab is great to quickly add supporting notes and whiteboards, and it's awesome how it will automatically create a folder for the relevant record in the Notebooks area of the workspace to organize the documents.

It would be very helpful to add a record link pill, or linked record in the related tab in the parent folder document to the originating record to easily navigate back to that record when browsing documents from the Notebooks document hierarchy

    Nov 28, 2023

    Now there is a tighter link between a notebook research folder and the research tab on a feature, initiative, etc.

    • The related tab on the research folder now shows a link to the feature

    • The name of the research folder will now include the feature reference# and will automatically update if you edit the feature name.

    • If you add a document directly in the folder, it will automatically show on the feature's research tab

    This will affect new research folders created going forward.

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Research Note folder needs link back to originating record

Who would benefit? All users using Research feature What impact would it make? Quickly link back to the related Epic/Theme etc from the parent note for the research How should it work? The parent note should have a Related item linking to the reco...
Simon Ravenscroft 7 months ago in Ideas research 1 Shipped