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Status Future consideration
Categories Search
Created by Lisa Richter
Created on Jul 7, 2023

Ability to query data lineage to perform comparative analysis


The current search history module is challenging in an of itself. It does not currently allow deep search, or specific query on objects leading to the user performing a generic search and sifting through endless pages.

I'd like the ability to search data lineage so that I can more effectively understand when data elements are changing. For example - end of quarter reporting for planned vs. actual:

  • Commits

  • Initiatives

  • Epics

There is always a need to perform additional analysis on what changed during a certain duration of time so that an organization might understand what was reprioritized. Without the lineage, this is nearly impossible.


  • Instinctively I want this to work more akin to JIRA's JQL statement.

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