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Status Future consideration
Categories Ideas portal
Created by Kristina Ursin
Created on Jul 1, 2023

Missed required fields in Ideas should be more obvious

Folks are constantly thinking that they submitted ideas, but in actuality they missed a required field but didn't identify it before closing the window. Instead of the small red "This field is required," we'd recommend either not letting the user submit at all, for example the "ADD IDEA" button wouldn't be visible until all required fields had content, maybe with a note at the bottom stating "This idea cannot be submitted until all required fields have been completed, please scroll up to add required information." OR after submitting a pop-up would clearly say in big red letters "THIS IDEA HAS NOT BEEN SUBMITTED. PLEASE FILL OUT ALL REQUIRED FIELDS."

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  • Kristina Ursin
    Jul 1, 2023

    Adding current screenshot of how missed fields are shown.