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Status Future consideration
Categories Jira
Created by Jonathan Shaw
Created on Jun 30, 2023

JIRA Integration - Allow Changing Board

We recently had to migrate JIRA tenant to another existing one (as the result of an acquisition). Whilst I was able to just change the server address and the integration URLs pointed to the correct location of the migrated issues, the board used for the integration originally has now changed. Meaning I now need to delete this integration and re-link all my features to their corresponding JIRA issues again if I want to be able to set the JIRA Sprint a linked feature gets put into.

Please can we have the ability to change the board that an integration points to? Even if this means any links to sprints get lost, at least we don't need to re-link all the tickets again.

p.s. Setting this as Needed by Yesterday, just because it would be great to have to avoid hours and hours of re-linking

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