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Status Future consideration
Categories Releases
Created by Laura Vassilowitch
Created on Jun 28, 2023

Release Template | Map Release Date to Non-Final Milestone

We all know the "work" doesn't end with a release date, there are other activities related to a release that happen after the actual code release, such as success metric tracking, potential "cohort" release (ex. the same code going out to 1/2 of the customers with the first release and a second release some time later for the other half). I'd like to be able to include these post-release activities in my Release Template, but the current functionality looks at the last milestone/phase end in the Release Template as the "Release Date", and I'd like to manually be able to map the "Release Date" to the actual release date milestone even if it isn't the last milestone for the release.

Working around this now by setting a milestone for "manually add post-release activities" to the beginning of the template so we manually add them in for each new release.

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