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Status Future consideration
Categories User story map
Created by Chris Lenzo
Created on Jun 16, 2023

Linking Story Maps

Would like the ability to link Story Maps together promoting cross-team visibility and reuse. Our capabilities span multiple delivery teams and program increments. It would be useful to see all the stories through a single map or navigation. Some type of drill-in/used by/hierarchy view, as the maps evolve.

Now I am not solutioning/more theorizing, but if a story map could span workspaces to assemble all the epics/features/, that might be useful approach. Allow Used by links to trigger notifications. We are integrating with Microsoft ADO, and hard to keep tabs on the overall initiative.

I have been utilizing analog User Story Maps for many years. I find them very useful in agile implementations to envision and then elaborate solutions. I find them helpful to assemble stories for stakeholders when work is spread across delivery teams .

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  • Chris Lenzo
    Oct 2, 2023

    Further thoughts... Maybe a way to view/build story maps by initiative. I now have story maps (started as Innovation Garden Idea, Promoted to Initiative, advanced to a "funded" initiative, elaborated by architects across portfolio, and now, no longer tell the whole story using the original story map. As Epics/Features are dispatched to our shared services team, they no longer show on the original story map. Creates a lot of rework for our Product and Program Managers, as the work is being dispatched/executed.