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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Sprints
Created by Mike Lowery
Created on Jun 5, 2023

Exclude filtered records from WIP limit count

When I filter out features the board still has the feature count in the column, if you only work with requirements and want to add WIP limits, then the extra "hidden" data types still count towards that limit and show up in the column totals. Hide should mean hide.

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  • Jeff Tucker
    Jun 20, 2023

    Hi Mike,

    This is currently working as intended: we didn't want teams to "lose track" of work just because the workflow board had a filter enabled. The best approach at the moment to address your concern is to remove the features from the board – either leave them in the prioritized backlog until complete, or unassign them from the team entirely. Can you share more about how these approaches would/would not work for you?

    I'm leaving the idea open to gather additional feedback.

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