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Status Future consideration
Categories Features
Created by Guest
Created on May 19, 2023

'Add Feature' button on List view

It would be helpful to have the option of an 'Add Feature' button within a list view. If only one epic is selected for the view, the Add Feature should automatically associate the new feature with that epic. If more than one epic is selected for the view, then the user should be able to pick from the list of epics which are designated for that view.

This would be really useful for when I set up an evolving project and need people to add in work. Right now, where I have a view that evolves around a single epic, they have to go into a feature, click on the epic link, go into the epic's related items, then click to add a new feature - and remember to associate it to the epic.

It should be easier and a little more user friendly.

[Edit: I couldn't find similar functionality. the 'Add Feature' from the roadmap view is not similar enough. If something like this already exists from a list view, please let me know.]

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