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Status Future consideration
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Created by Jeff Shaffer
Created on May 16, 2023

Ability to edit default terminology in report column headers

The default terminology of column headers of reports is not always explicitly clear on what it represents, which leads to confusion both internally and with customers when these report are shared out.

As an example, clicking on an Organization provides the ability to click to available reports, such as 'Ideas'... which includes a column header of 'Vote Count'. It is unclear of what that represents, thus it would be helpful to update this default terminology to values that are more easily understandable.

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  • Emily Millman
    May 24, 2023
    • Terminology challenges across workspaces (likely bc they exist regardless of the report type) are one of our biggest issues.

    • It likely is more of an issue for admins who use multiple workspaces or create reports across workspaces with different terminology. This is a huge challenge when we create reports for others, including our leadership. This also applies to when we create webpages.

    • It would be much more straightforward if, by default, the terminology was locked to the workspace of the data in the report or (if there are multiple terminologies) one could be chosen.

  • Admin
    Chrissi McNamara
    May 16, 2023

    Hi Jeff, which reports are you looking to edit column headers for? Today you can customize column headers for list reports. When you do this, the customized name will be carried over to the equivalent pivot report and custom roadmap.

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