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Status Future consideration
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Created on May 3, 2023

Usability for large notebooks

We love the notebook enhancement, and are beginning to use it for various purposes: Area-specific or standardized process documentation, system-wide QRGs and guidance, and area-specific miscellaneous documentation. As our uses and user base grow, there are a few nice to haves which would be hugely impactful to usability, maintainability & adoption:

  • Add tags (or other custom data) to notes

    • Allow filtering on the notebook page using said tags (or other custom data)

  • Allow list reports etc. around notes & any tags or custom data

  • Provide a way to optionally cascade notes & note collections down through child work lines/workspaces

I don't think the notebook needs to end up like an LMS, but I do want it to be our one-stop shop for information related to the processes & data we manage in Aha.

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