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Status Future consideration
Categories Capacity planning
Created by Kevin Martin
Created on Mar 31, 2023

better validation warnings and units tips and handling on estimates fields

the toolips on estimates fields need consistent messaging in all field contexts, with proper messaging/tip content based on the units of the configuration. this needs to be the UX when creating (actual configured units not a hard-coded either/or tip), and it should be visible in both detailed and initial estimates.

Further, if the units are critical to saving user entered data, then they need to be more visible and before the user moves away to other fields thinking value saved, there needs to be a validation and feedback experience. So, if the user enters 5p and you have time units, give them feedback on points vs time and prompt to make a change - do not just set it 0 automatically without any user awareness. If they enter 8d and its a points system, similarly give them feedback before they go on to set status or leave the page thinking that data entry saved as entered. Today's behavior is deeply flawed as a 2 second delay while logic may zero the value based on units it did not respect.

The capacity admin choices need an uplift as well, if you pivot between time and points, to explain how system will alter data. Will it convert 5p to 5 min, tell the admin before they apply that change. will it convert 8d to be 1000s of minutes then say its 9600p - hopefully not, but it will do so and not alert/warn the admin, then you have totally broken all those estimates as an admin in a configuration UI.

As an admin, I want much better indications of units selected for capacity configuration, in tooltips and units on the values/data entered, and I want warnings if the system will alter user data entry in any way including rejecting its inadvertent unit characters, and I want to know what is about to happen if time vs points is altered, before I foul up all the estimates data when units change and do not maintain user entered numeric choices.

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