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Status Future consideration
Categories Features
Created by Qua3926
Created on Mar 19, 2023

New option for scoreboard formula

In some cases the scoring is not linear, but also does not fall in to the low values of "powers of 2" and "Fibonacci sequence".

An example can be:

Company policy is to prefer developments related to region A.

Idea related to region A = 1

Idea related to region B = 3

Idea related to both regions A and B = 4

Another example can be:

Idea serving only one persona = 1

Idea serving only 2-3 personas = 2

Idea serving All personas = 6

In those cases a custom sequence is required and then on the formula, we'll need to normalize each value manually:

metric name: X

sequence: 1,3,4

selected value = 3

normalized value = (3 - 1)/(4-1)

Then we'll need to multiple that with the weight.

I have 10 metrics. Please see how my formula looks like in the attached file.

I recommend adding a normalized calculation to a custom sequence to allow another degree of freedom to the scoreboard.


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