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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 9, 2022

Remove hold/reference on user account email data if account is deleted

We encountered an issue when turning on SSO that created 'dupe' accounts where identity provider info did not match existing user email account in Aha. That scenario is represented below. However, any time a user account is deleted, their email should be able to be reassigned/reconciled with a new or updated account. The system returns a message that the email is 'taken' (which is false if the account is deleted), and only Aha can clear the reference manually and allow the email to be reused.

From our perspective this is a bug, as Aha stated the 'email is taken' is due to retention of that data as part of portal accounts or log tracking, which should not be considered as part of Aha user (not portal user) admin.

SSO scenario:

    • We need to only deal with Aha users, not portal users, as administered in the account settings admin tools.

    • The scenario is:

      • New Aha user created By SSO login (not portal user), nor any other new user add action

      • User deleted (not portal user)

      • Email reference retained

      • Unable to update and reconcile accounts on front end while SSO is active.. this is the core disruption

    • Logic needed:

      • For only accounts created by the SSO process

      • Deleting SSO-created account/user will free up that email to be reassigned to existing account via front-end

      • Based on the tag in the front-end when SSO is enabled, there is an attribute that show which accounts are created this way.

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