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Status Future consideration
Categories Features
Created by Zach M
Created on Oct 26, 2022

Allow Custom Descriptions (Tool Tips) for Default Fields in Layouts

Aha allows the user to create a description (tool tip) for custom fields within a layout, but you can't add descriptions to default/native fields, like the "Type" field at the Feature level. Given that the Feature "Type" field is completely editable, it would be helpful to have a tool tip for Product Managers explaining which "Type" of feature they should use for a given situation. In this specific example, we could technically update the Feature/Activity template for each "Type" to provide different descriptions/instructions, but we're having trouble getting users to delete that default text when they create a feature, and our management does no like seeing the default text in reports. Because of this, we've actually created a separate custom "Feature Purpose" field to replace "Type" just because we can add a tool tip to it.

My leaders have expressed interest in having Tool tips for every field, including all the default fields (not just the Type field).

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