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Status Future consideration
Categories Calendar
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 19, 2022

Features roadmap: Park releases directly under their start dates

The current features roadmap timeline is such that, if you have multiple releases, they will be stacked one after another (in chronological order), with each release tagged with a string to the actual start date. I.e. If I have a release that starts in 2022 and another that starts in 2023, both releases will be illustrated next to one another, but the 2023 release will be tagged further away to year 2023. This is good for viewing the big picture but makes it harder to visualise where each release fits. It would be great to have the option to arrange the releases directly under their start date on the timeline. This may require scrolling if the calendar resolution is in days, but would overall give a better gauge of where each release fits into.

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