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Status Future consideration
Categories Voting
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 1, 2022

Managing votes on ideas

One of our users has asked if there is any way to remove or ignore votes cast by our internal users on an idea. After discussion, we would like to see if it is possible to

  1. Allow the workspace owner or contributor a way to remove specific votes from an idea.

  2. Configure who is allowed to vote on an Idea, possibly based on the same delineation of users set up for visibility (portal users, internal users, and Aha! users).

    Sep 9, 2022

    Thanks for reaching out! With Ideas Advanced you can create a pivot report which filters out votes from any organization, including your own. This can help you see which ideas have the most votes from your customers vs. your internal users. Let our product success team know if you would like any help setting this up.

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  • Oliver Berger
    Jun 7, 2023

    Hi, i've created a script killing undesired votes in a nightly job utilizing this api endpoint .