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Created on Jul 25, 2022

SSO restricts the ability to use preferred names

At our company we are using SSO to log into AHA. Our SSO takes the name directly from our HR tools where employees tend to use their "legal" name, instead of their "preferred" name for payroll purposes. But AHA takes the first and last name from SSO and restricts the ability to change to a preferred name. There are actually quite a few people that use different names on our team, therefore increasing cognitive load on our team members to remember 2 names instead of the 1.

It would be great if you gave users or the AHA admins the ability to add a "preferred" name which would show up instead of what is being pulled from the SSO connection.

    Jul 25, 2022

    Thank you for your idea. This is currently possible.

    When configuring SSO it is possible to send any value to Aha! as the first name. So if there is a field containing the preferred name it should be possible to configure this on the identity provider side to send this in place of the first name.

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