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Status Future consideration
Categories Ideas
Created by Joe Buehlmeyer
Created on Mar 10, 2022

Rank Ideas by Organization

One of the most powerful (and fun!) exercises I perform with my stakeholders is to interactively ask (or force) them to rank ideas.

Whilst many ideas can have a "must have" status, no two ideas can be top of the list. Oftentimes, the final rating does not correspond to e.g. proxy votes or even the priority the idea was assigned when it was first created.

It would be great if I could rank ideas that an organization has proxy voted on within Aha! so that I can easily keep a record of the top N ideas (or even interactively perform this exercise with my stakeholders in Aha! rather than in Miro which is where I current tend to do this).

Having an inbuilt by-organization rank that enforces a consistent and self-updating ranking would simply be easier to manage and maintain than any of the workarounds which I have explored (priority label, custom rank field, massaging proxy votes to achieve this, doing things outside Aha!, etc.).

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