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Created on Mar 2, 2022
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For custom fields, have a "cascading prompt" option where selection in one field limits the selection in the next field Merged

Our use case is that when an idea comes in, the product manager needs to classify which Domain, Module, Application they belong to. There is a hierarchical structure to the data.

So if they pick a Domain in the first field, we want it to narrow the choices for Module to only those modules that relate to the selected Domain, then once the Domain is selected, only the applications in that domain are available in the application field.


Domain: CRM & Contracts

Module: Opportunities

Application: Manage Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCI) (CTMOCI)

These fields will also exist in the feature, so when an Idea gets promoted to a Feature the fields carry forward. It allows us to group potential features within an application for development efficiency.

Any ideas would help, all we can think to do is just have the whole path in the field, but it will make it harder to find items in the list as there are around 2,000 applications!

Example: CRM & Contracts/Opportunities/ Manage Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCI) (CTMOCI)

It’s really a type of BI functionality called a cascading prompt, one selection limits the selection of the 2nd choice.

Cascading prompts are typically used to improve the user experience when dealing with related data items consumed by the prompt page. The cascade functionality limits the displayed prompt values based on the user's selection within the parent prompt. Attachment shows a small section of our Hierarchy of our apps