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Status Future consideration
Categories Releases
Created by Ryan Bradley
Created on Feb 16, 2022

Add field to capture date of "last change" on internal and external release date

Changes in release dates need to be communicated to several stakeholders. If there was a "last changed date" field for both the external and internal release dates, a report could be generated to show all release dates that have changed in say the last 30 days. Even more effective would be to capture the "changed from" value so stakeholders could see not only that there was a change, but both the old and new release dates impacted by the change. This would allow easy communication via a dashboard of recent changes.

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  • Guest
    Aug 15, 2022

    A couple of comments.

    • this is handled in ADO by using standard functionality for tracking changes, and will not require additional fields. I know there are similar fields like "Date changed" or "Last Active" in searches etc. and I would expect that it would be possible to create the needed functionality in Aha! by searches. The only thing we do not want is more fields that need to be manually updated.

    • Internal and external release date?! We already have Release to Production, Release Readiness and Release to Market. Can we try and use these and not create even more.