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Status Future consideration
Categories Roadmaps
Created by Bastian Schoell
Created on Dec 1, 2021

Rollup Release in All Roadmaps


Rollup releases are supremely useful. In large organizations that manage a main product with many subsystems that are considered products of their own, rollup releases are critical to tying together many different releases into the main products release. For large organizations, that is one of the very reasons to use AHA. We were advised to use the GANTT, which generally works well, but has the fatal flaw of showing all the release phases, which in a roadmap review add clutter (and can't be hidden) to the point of being unusable.

Problem Statement

Useful as they are, rollup releases can ONLY be used in 1 of the 5 roadmap types (the feature roadmap, where they are implemented very well). However, the rollup release is nowhere to be found in the Starter roadmap and in the Custom roadmap, they can only be used as a pivot element, not as a time-bar. This is surprising and frustrating to our users.

Proposed solution
  • Starter roadmap

    • Either display rollup releases along with other releases in the release picker (as you do in other places in the UI). Then render the rollup release as a bar like all the other items that can be freely positioned.

    • OR display a separate rollup release data element.

    • Optionally allow the displayed rollup release to be shown as a bar or as a box containing child releases (like releases are shown as boxes containing features)

  • Custom roadmap

    • Allow the display of a bar in the custom roadmap representing the rollup release ON the timeline, not just as a pivot element. Could be an option

  • GANTT changes

    • if the GANTT is the best place, add options to show the rollup release as a bar (not a bracket) and simply add an option to "hide phases" to that only releases and features are visible.

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