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Status Future consideration
Categories Releases
Created by Jamie Lefkovics
Created on Sep 29, 2021

Dependency Icon for "Off screen dependencies" in Workspaces

We do a lot of dependencies across workspaces and would like the standard workspace Gantt view to have an option to show cross-workspace dependencies even if the other object from the other workspace has not been added or is removed from the the view.

For example if I have a release in one workspace (Master) that depends on a release in another workspace (Child), where I add the Child release to the Master workspace's view and build a dependency, I want the Child workspace Gantt to show the dependency in its view as an icon (similar to a milestone but perhaps a circle or square) without any need for the owner of the Child workspace to add the other release or other object. IE - if a dependency has been built somewhere else, it shows as an "off screen" dependency icon unless the user adds the release - which they do not have to do. They can mouse over the icon can click to call up the other object details.

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