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Status Future consideration
Categories Sprints
Created by Jeff Tucker
Created on Aug 25, 2021

Save list reports in Develop Essentials

Analytics and Reporting are part of Develop Advanced, and users in those accounts are able to save list reports. However, some teams use list reports as part of their backlog and sprint management process. They don't need sophisticated analytics, just the ability to save list reports.

Allow users on the Develop Essentials plan to save list reports.

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    Aug 25, 2021

    The ability to create and save views is important because of the lack of configurability of the Sprint Planning and other views in the Aha Develop product. Views are very different than analytics and reporting IMO.

    We're primarily creating and saving views to meet our needs due to the lack of configurability with the Sprint Planning view. The Sprint Planning view becomes cluttered quickly with tasks. We just want a view that shows user stories. So, we created and saved a view that only displays user stories.

    Also, there's no way to see user stories once a sprint is completed if you don't create and save views that I'm aware of. I believe the ability to create and save views should be included in the Essentials product because it's basic functionality and different than reporting and analytics.

    The ability to create and add views may be less important over time as the product matures and views like Sprint Planning are configurable.