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Created by Rich Baldry
Created on Jul 16, 2021

Make Notes or groups of Notes visible in other workspaces

We have written some general help documents for internal use, to provide guidance to users on how we use the various Aha features within our organization.

Our workspaces are arranged in a hierarchy of business line - product line - product.

I published these notes at the business line level, but for users who spend most of their time at the Product level, the notes are not obvious to find. They're not visible within the Notes index of the Product workspace and navigating back up to the Business Line level is a PITA.

Copying the notes into each workspace is not an option. I don't want to have to update 15 copies of the same document every time we make an edit.

The best option I've found is to create a separate note in each workspace with # links to each relevant note in the parent workspace, but this is far from ideal.

It would be great if we could pick individual notes or groups of notes in the hierarchy of one workspace and make them visible in another workspace's note hierarchy.

This would also be useful for things like customer interview notes, where the interview includes information relevant for multiple products.

    Jan 2, 2024

    You can now make documents in one workspace accessible in other workspaces!

    When you create a new note or whiteboard, you will now see an option to add a link. Select Aha! link to search for and choose a document in another workspace. This link will show up in the Notebooks hierarchy of your selected workspace, along with any child documents of your selected documents. And although this linked document will display in other workspaces, it will still respect the original workspace permissions.

    Here is some additional information about the new feature:

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  • Nigel Lawrence
    Sep 22, 2023

    IMO This would be a very key feature for my org and many other orgs that operate at scale - one really needs to be able to pick up all the documents in the spaces that sit above the current workspace in the hierarchy otherwise as the requester says navigation is a big PITA

  • Guest
    Mar 8, 2023

    Yes please! this would be hugely helpful in maintaining common standards and process documentation.