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Status Likely to implement
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Created by Guest
Created on May 6, 2021

Granular Legend configuration for Charts

Hello AHA Team, i´m working with the new Chart Format. As there are less configuration options available any more, this chart drives me cracy. Please, give me back more granual configuration options.

My chart shows a lot of different Categories assigned to feature requests. What i need to be improved.

  1. The percentage level is just shown for two entries. I need to reduce the size of the fonts, so the percentage level is at least shown for the top entries.

  2. The font for the slice description is to big and also overlapping. Please give me an option to reduce the size of the font, so it does not overlap any more. OR, provide another feature to avoid overlap. This overlap looks upgly and makes part of the chart unreadable.

  3. Legend: The legend does not show all the entries, as there are to many entries.

    1. Please let me sort them based on the count from 9-->1/Z-->A

    2. give me an option to show any entry on the page. I do not want to scroll in the report.

    3. When exporting, the legend is just not complete.

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