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Status Future consideration
Categories Search
Created by John Barry
Created on Jan 7, 2021

Customize Search results fields displayed

When doing a search the results are displayed showing the product, aha number, Name, status, description and last updated. It would be helpful to be able to add fields to this quick display. For example, I search often to see what release a feature is in. If I could add release name to the search results display I would not have to actually open the feature card and could see the release names for the same feature across multiple products instantly.

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  • Chris Eichermüller
    Apr 15, 2021

    It would also help to show the "merged into" information. I rely on the search field to locate duplicates or like items. After processing a lot of them i find myself opening Ideas or features that have already been merged. To prevent me from unnecessarily opening an idea or feature, it it would show me "Merged into #xxx-i-1234"

    Another useful option would be to filter the search results by status. Seeing all items including completed items is useful, but when having to focus on a search for something we know is not complete, i would want to be able to exclude or filter out those items from the search result, especially if there are a lot of results.