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Status Planning to implement
Created by Nicolas T
Created on Nov 10, 2020
Merged idea
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Azure DevOps Integration: new features should go to parking lot Merged

Current behavior: new features that do not have an iteration set in Azure DevOps (root iteration) will be assigned to the left-most release in the Aha board. This means any new features added in Azure DevOps ends up assigned to a release without the product owner (or anyone) knowing about it.

Our process is: first we create features, then we create releases and assign features to them. There is never a situation where we would create a release first and then figure out which features we should invent to fill the release with.

This is a deal breaker for me because I constantly have to double check releases in Aha for accuracy. I have to find and manually move new features from random releases (whichever was the left most release at the time) to the parking lot. I would expect new features to automatically go to the parking lot.

Only workaround I have so far is to disable the integration and manually maintain releases, epics and features in Aha.