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Add an Align Text To Top / Middle / Bottom option for shapes

Many other graphical compositing tools include and 'align text to top' or similar functionality. by default, Aha aligns everythign to the middle which is a pain if you're composting nested concepts or generalisations.
Guest 12 months ago in Whiteboards 0 Shipped

Share a document via email

Current: Today, you have to copy a document share link and paste it to others so they can collaborate with you. Idea: It would be great if I can add email addressed directly from the document's sharing functionality and invite those specific peopl...
Julie Price 12 months ago in Notes / Whiteboards 0 Shipped

Whiteboard template - empathy map

Colored stickies begin blank within the empathy map.
Laurel McHugh about 1 year ago in Whiteboards 0 Shipped

Folders for documents

Challenge: Today, you can create a folder by dragging a document into another one. But there isn't a clear way to just add a folder object. Idea: Make it easier to add a folder to organize your documents
Julie Price about 1 year ago in Notes / Whiteboards 0 Shipped

Add Linked Goals to the Whiteboard

Currently four linked object types are support in the Whiteboard from the recent, which is a great start for enabling OST's to natively map into the rest of Aha! The addition off goals would be helpful for including a visual mapping of goals to in...
Jason L about 1 year ago in Whiteboards 1 Shipped

Whiteboard Copy and Paste

HEY ALL, the copy and paste functionaloty on the whiteboard does not work on safari (for me) tried keyboard shortcuts and the right click select.
Guest over 1 year ago in Whiteboards 2 Shipped

Add gifs in whiteboards

Add support for inserting a gif into a whiteboard, similar to how static images can be added today.
Sarah Moisan-Thomas over 1 year ago in Whiteboards 0 Shipped

Fix keyboard shortcuts in Windows for whiteboards

Great feature! Have been using it quite a bit recently. I would love to see additional features added in the near future: Ability to link an object to existing idea/epic/feature Ability to use keyboard shortcuts (i.e ctrl c/ctrl v in PC) Templates...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Whiteboards 2 Shipped

Search personal documents

Use case: I use personal notes to organize my own thoughts. I want to be able to find them quickly in the search modal. Idea: Make it easier to search personal notes and whiteboards in the search modal
Julie Price about 1 year ago in Notes / Search / Whiteboards 0 Shipped