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Display campaigns on the gantt chart

We have a focus on coordinating campaigns across time - it would be helpful to view them on the gantt chart. Currently, I can only display activities on the gantt chart.
Guest about 5 years ago in Epic 0 Shipped

Master Feature / Epic Forecasting

Focusing on the bottom up from Features to Initiatives and thinking through Iterative Forecasting I can see a benefit to having flexibility in the automatic date range that Initiatives are able to be set on. Right now they are dependent on Release...
Guest over 5 years ago in Epic 0 Shipped

Ability to remove logged time entries from Master Features

I want to be able to remove logged-time entries from Master Features when using Manual estimates. I may have incorrectly entered the time and need to make an adjustment, but I can't currently remove a previous entry. I can do this with a Feature, ...
Deleted User over 5 years ago in Epic 0 Shipped

Master Features integrate with Trello

We would like to keep all specs in master features and be able to push them into Trello for our Dev teams to have them on their board. Our dev teams use hello epic and organize their tasks that way so they'd be able to reference the master feature...
Guest almost 6 years ago in Epic 1 Shipped

Global prioritization of all Master Features

As part of our strategic planning process, we want to prioritize all Master Features (irrespective of product line/product) in our entire portfolio. Right now, there's no way drive prioritization at this level. We need to stack rank and prioritiz...
Kirstin Maurer almost 6 years ago in Epic 2 Shipped

Terminology: Calculated from Features

We have relabelled "Master Feature" to be "Feature" and "Feature" to be "Epic". When viewing a our Feature, it says "Calculated from Features" when it should say "Calculated from Epics". It even says "Epics right underneath it, but not for the lin...
Project Parker about 6 years ago in Epic 0 Shipped

Create templates for epics

It would allow us to provide guidance for Master Feature creators on what sections to fill out. These sections have been agreed upon by stakeholders to make sure sufficient information is included for every instance. Similar functionality is alre...
Alex B about 6 years ago in Epic 12 Shipped