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Burndown chart legend

As a PM, I need to have a legend on the Burndown/Progress Chart. I can't remember what the colors mean. And I have to have the link to the Help Page bookmarked on our Overview page to share with others.
Pamela Thomas about 3 years ago in Schedules 0 Future consideration

Ability to run a report that lists all virtual users and which teams they are part of

We have been using the advanced capacity planner and used that to define allocation of our engineers by teams. We are trying to get the list of our virtual users with the various teams they are defined as part of. We are looking for a way to expor...
Cyril Bousquet about 3 years ago in Capacity planning / Schedules 1 Future consideration

Allow schedules to be used with epics

Since a launch (and the schedules aligned to said launch) should really be treated as an epic (v. release)
Danielle A almost 2 years ago in Schedules 1 Already exists

calendar view to "fit on one page".

Single page print out of the calendar as teams do tend to print out monthly schedules
Guest about 2 years ago in Schedules 0 Future consideration

Show custom events/milestones in roadmap views

I would like to be able to show key events as milestones or highlighted some other way in my roadmaps. This would be particularly useful for products that are targeting specific trade show events. As these are externally defined milestones, I woul...
Mark Gerrard about 2 years ago in Schedules 0 Future consideration

Recurring Items in a Single Schedule

Hi, I am looking to add a recurring milestone/phase to a schedule so that it shows up in one row (one phase, but recurring along the timeline).Similarly, I would like to have a special schedule for recurring shipments. Instead of having to expand ...
Guest over 2 years ago in Schedules 0 Future consideration

Allow advanced estimates for Individuals

Advanced estimates for teams allow the breakdown of effort over time which is useful to spread planned worked over time in case of such tasks as support functions. Can this feature also be enabled for capacity planning for individuals?
Jared Gummig over 2 years ago in Schedules 0 Future consideration