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Please stop deleting GitHub Labels when Aha updates are pushed

We use labels to categorize and organize our work in GitHub. When you use the "Update GitHub Issue" feature in Aha, it overwrites everything, including labels that were added in GitHub. This is terrible because it removes all of our vital cate...
George Champlin-Scharff over 6 years ago in GitHub 1 Shipped

Need Aha! Requirement --> Github Issue and EXCLUDE Aha! Feature --> GitHub Issue

If you look at an Aha! Feature as a container of requirements, e.g. Aha! Feature with 3 requirements, then when you send a in the : Feature—>Issues, Requirements —> Issues; then you end up with 4 issues in GitHub - when you only need 3. ...
Jonathan Ross almost 8 years ago in GitHub 2 Shipped

Make Github integrations support Github Enterprise

The existing Github integrations are splendid but only works for For those of us running Github Enterprise we need to be able to configure our Github API endpoint as well. As far as I know changing the API domain should be the only th...
Guest about 9 years ago in GitHub 3 Shipped

Create Github Labels to represent Initiatives

We would like to be able to track Github issues by the initiative they relate to. We have the initiative information in Aha! but there is no way currently to get this information into Github. It would be very nice to have the initiate attached as ...
Guest over 9 years ago in GitHub 0 Shipped

Map Aha! Feature Status to GitHub Project Column

We have a simple Kanban-style board using a GitHub project. It would be useful if I could have statuses in Aha! update when an issue is moved between columns in the GitHub project.
Chuck Burt over 6 years ago in GitHub 0 Shipped

Easy import of existing GitHub issues

To import GitHub issues currently one needs to use import from CSV functionality. Wanted to suggest implementing an automatic import from GitHub.
Guest over 6 years ago in GitHub 0 Shipped

Text change on GitHub Commit Hook installation instructions

Under GitHub Commit Hook, when installing the Installation instructions in point 1 refer to Webhooks & Services_ section (see first image) In my Github its just Webhooks (see second image) Suggestion change text from Webhooks & Services_ t...
Guest about 3 years ago in GitHub 1 Shipped