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Option to disable "click to advance" presentation page

We now have ability to include hyperlinks in presentation page. And also, some views such as Dependency Report, when embedded into a presentation slide, the webpage is rendered with hyperlinks to the features/releases. That said, if we are not e...
Katha K over 3 years ago in Presentations 1 Future consideration

More Formatting options for presentation output

We are starting to use published presentations as a great way to share up to date content around the organistion.  However the output is still fairly limited - for example you cant change the size of fonts on text published from notes in Aha and s...
Amanda Grant almost 5 years ago in Presentations 0 Future consideration

Embedding i-frames into published presentations

We would like to the ability to embed i-frames into our published A-ha presentations. This would assist us in telling the current story about our development progress (ie current velocity in Team Foundation Server) and would also help in promoting...
Carolynn Hunter almost 5 years ago in Presentations 0 Future consideration

Bulk export product notes to a presentation

Currently need to add each page manually to a presentation. Would like to be able to do this in bulk by multi-selecting various pages and adding to presentation in one go
Julie Edwards about 5 years ago in Presentations 2 Future consideration

Bulk delete presentations

Would be ideal if we could bulk delete presentations at the view level rather than go in and open each one and then delete from there. I create at least 5-10 presentations a week and doing a clean up to delete them takes a very long time. Thanks
Guest almost 7 years ago in Presentations 0 Future consideration

Mix Landscape & Portrait pages in a Notebook

To deliver a Notebook for hand-out in important meetings, I typically produce both a landscape and a portrait version of the Notebook, using Aha. and mix & match pages based on the content. This is an extra step I take in Acrobat. This idea ...
Guest about 7 years ago in Presentations 0 Already exists

Share presentation PDF's with Reviewers and Viewers

Reviewers and Viewers cannot export data from the reports pages, it would be nice if we could create a presentation for them and then share it with them. This would allow full users of Aha! to control what was published and when but give reviewers...
Guest over 7 years ago in Presentations 0 Future consideration

Add Release Features to Notebook

We really like the feature details view in the app, with the tabs down the left hand side. I often wish I could just share that view with the client, because it still gives you the context that the feature you are looking at belongs to a bigger pi...
Lauren over 7 years ago in Presentations 6 Already exists

Allow transparent backgrounds on reports added to presentation slides

Some of the charts (e.g. Pies) have a ton of white space around them. When placing multiple charts on a single slide space is precious and we're forced with either making charts super small or having them to overlap each other. With 2 or 3 charts ...
Alex B almost 3 years ago in Presentations 0 Future consideration

Add dynamic fields into a Presentation instead of saved views

Most times when building a presentation, all you need is the information contained within a certain field. Whether that information is the background of the Initiative or several other custom fields (such as a problem statement, go-to-market strat...
Robert Rodriguez over 3 years ago in Presentations 0 Future consideration